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At last! An Almost 2CT Marquise Puzzle Ring in Your Choice of Precious or Lab-Created Diamond or Gemstone and Precious Metal

This ring is an astonishingly gorgeous piece, and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to capture images. You see, we are in New Mexico, and our puzzle ring artist is in California. We don’t always have time to get a ring here in-house for photographs before the proposal date.

With a 1.85CT moissanite, the sparkle is immense, and we are only sorry that photographs cannot show the depth and play of refracted light.

A four-band, medium-heavy-weight, platinum puzzle ring bears this stunning moissanite. You can, of course, choose gold or a combination of gold colors. You may choose half platinum and half gold, or, as shown, all platinum.

Four band, medium-heavy weight puzzle ring bearing a 1.85CT marquise moissanite

Platinum, four-band, 1.85 CT marquise moissanite puzzle ring. This heavier puzzle ring is simply stunning with the larger gemstone. It’s a statement piece, and she will be inundated with comments and compliments about this truly unique ring.


Platinum, four-band, 1.85 CT marquise moissanite puzzle ring.

Three-quarter view of this platinum, four-band, 1.85 CT marquise moissanite puzzle ring.

Ancient Posy Ring Find

It’s always intriguing to see a posy ring from a few hundred years ago – described as from medieval times – that is unique and that was found, mostly likely, in a farmer’s field or other prosaic setting. In England, the adorably charming Nantwich Museum in Cheshire is raising funds to purchase a few items including a gold posy ring:

The “posy” or inscribed poem reads, ‘Far of yet not forgot’. The design on the outside of the ring is fancier than is often seen on medieval rings, many of which include letters only on the outside or inside but no raised design elements.  Speaking of medieval posy rings, if you’d like to see originals now for sale, check this page out:

The oldest one on that page dates to about 1500 – a buckle design with scroll elements and the words,  ‘A\. CE+POINCT+DEMEVRE’ meaning, “At this point remains.”

If you’d like a one-off posy ring in the lettering or design of your choice, contact us, and let us provide a modern-day, modest quote.

Cambridge Puzzle Ring – Ultra-Heavyweight

This puzzle ring is an amazing piece – very heavy in weight and incredibly impressive on the hand. Our puzzle ring artist wears this for his wedding ring, and he told me he likes to play with it and take it apart and put it together while driving. Now there’s a feat, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with less than 40-50 years of putting these rings together. But there is something very comforting (or as mental health people like to say these days, regulating) about taking apart and putting together a very heavy puzzle ring with the sensory feel of this one.

For a matched pair, we make two weights – ultra-heavy for him and medium-heavy for her. See all men’s choices here, and contact Mandira directly for hers.

cambridge puzzle ring pair in two weights

Cambridge puzzle wedding ring pair in two weights

New! Sparkling Diamond Shadow Wedding/Anniversary Band

Experience the elegance of a modified diamond shadow band that gorgeously complements your engagement puzzle ring. This unique design doesn’t follow every intricate detail of a puzzle ring; instead, it mirrors the overall curvature, giving a sophisticated look. Made specifically for rings with a tight or standard weave, it offers a departure from our usual designs that are typically paired with open-weave puzzle rings. Alternatively, we can craft a similar design to accompany your open-weave engagement ring, resulting in a more dramatic curve. Irrespective of design, this modified fit can be adapted to any shadow band. Trust us to create your custom bridal set tailored to your unique taste and style.

This bridal set sparkles with 14 diamonds for a total weight of 1.03CT. It is shown with a 0.71CT, center, princess-cut diamond; two accent 5-point (.05CT) diamonds; and eleven diamonds in the shadow band, each two points or 0.02CT. Four bands interweave in the puzzle ring, and the shadow band makes the fifth! We can make this shadow band go with your choice of engagement puzzle ring – whether you already have your ring or you are just about to select the one that meets your dreams!

Find the wedding/anniversary band.

Posy Ring with Mystery Message Found Near Sherwood Forest

Can you imagine the thrill of responding to a signal while you are out metal detecting and finding a historical treasure? And then to learn that this treasure has significant monetary as well as historical value? That’s exactly what happened to Andy Taylor recently when he found this ring with the message inside, “I Meane Ryght.” This ring is believed to have been hidden by the Sheriff of Nottingham as many as almost 500 years ago. Another mystery is how they know that. We’d like to find out, and if we do . . . you’ll learn about it here!

historic posy ring

Posy ring with the inside inscription, “I Meane Ryght”

Read all about the find here.

Rings of Antiquity

I want to share a lovely article by Beth Bernstein: “a jewelry historian, jewelry expert, and collector of period and modern jewel (sic) and a purveyor of all things sparkly.”

She knows just where to find amazing historical pieces that are just plain fun to learn about. Learn about her recent finds in this article in Forbes.

And here is the site of which she speaks:  Les Enluminures. Have fun taking a tour of their unique pieces and, if you wish, even acquire a bit of history for yourself or your beloved. Or contact Crystal Realm for us to make your dream heirloom-quality piece inspired by a historical design.

Are Contemporary Black Diamonds Genuine Diamonds?

Black diamonds have seen a surge of popularity over the past few years. They’ve been in the spotlight since Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City (Sarah Jessica Parker’s character) and Blake Lively, as well as other celebrities, have shown them off. Black diamonds are striking in their intensity and are definitely a way to set your style apart from the usual!

One question we get asked quite often is this: Are black diamonds real? Well, yes, they are! That is, they are genuine mined diamonds. But, there is one caveat. There are two ways for a diamond to achieve its black color. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds (NFBD) are mined this way. And others are white diamonds that are heat treated to turn them black.

We’re not going to kid around. NFBD cost ten times (10x) what heat-treated black diamonds cost. Therefore, the black diamonds shown on our website are heat-treated. We tend to specialize in the more affordable options. BUT if you must have NFBD, we will acquire one for you.

Here’s our latest creation, a marquise black diamond puzzle ring with a 2mm shadow band.

open weave marquise black diamond puzzle ring with shadow wedding band

An open weave, marquise black diamond engagement puzzle ring with a matching shadow wedding band, shown in 14K white gold. You may choose from 14K white, yellow, or rose gold or platinum – whatever is your preference. For something really different, you may select four colors of 14K gold for the engagement ring with a yellow or white gold shadow band.

Our New Seven-Diamond, Four-Band, Puzzle Engagement Ring Bearing 1.2 TCW in Round Diamonds

How extravagant and grand would you like your diamonds? Let’s splash them all over your finger! Our genuine, four-band puzzle ring bears a center diamond of 0.9CT (the lower end of the 1CT range) in an illusion setting plus six (6) five-point diamonds, each in its own illusion setting. What’s an illusion setting? It’s designed to make each diamond appear even bigger than it is, because the sparkle of the diamond spills across the setting. Mmmmm – you’ll love the look of this ring on your hand. Of course, if you would like your center diamond bigger (or smaller, for that matter), just get in touch with Mandira for a quote.

A Posy – or Poesy – Ring for Your Love!

Originally used as betrothal rings in the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period, posy rings – also known as poesy rings – are still highly coveted today as wedding rings expressing a tender sentiment and lifelong commitment. The name posy or poesy is derived from the French word “poésie,” or “poem.” The earliest known posy rings were made in about the 5th C AD, and they continued to be popular throughout about the 15th C. In truth, they never did fade from use, and today’s brides and grooms still clamor to express a loving or religious sentiment – or both – on wedding rings.

We are the posy ring specialists. We will create for you a posy ring of any width, weight, lettering, language (for some languages, we will ask you to supply the lettering in the language of your choice), and precious metal. We are even able to create some custom posy rings in sterling silver – those with lettering only or with a simple symbol. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mandira about your made-to-order posy ring(s).

We especially love to make posy rings with proprietary medieval or Gaelic-style fonts. We are the only jeweler making posy rings for which we will supply your choice of words in several antique fonts you won’t see elsewhere, from which you may choose. And if you want your lettering in a more modern font, well, simply let us know, and we’ll make your rings exactly how you wish them!