Celtic Knotwork-Inspired, Marquise Aquamarine Engagement Puzzle Ring and Bridal Set

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Celtic Knotwork-Inspired, Marquise Aquamarine Engagement Puzzle Ring and Bridal Set

Celtic Knotwork-Inspired, Marquise Aquamarine Engagement Puzzle Ring and Bridal Set

This ring is an exquisitely beautiful, hand-woven, Celtic knotwork-inspired, engagement puzzle ring shown with a one-half carat marquise aquamarine. 

Marquise aquamarine engagement puzzle ring in palladium or platinum

Marquise aquamarine engagement puzzle ring shown in palladium. This puzzle ring is also available in platinum, 14K white, yellow, or rose gold, four colors of 14K gold (yellow, white, rose, green) or any combination of these precious metals.

We love this image of the puzzle ring, because the aquamarine appears very sparkly. 

Jewelry with gemstones is notoriously difficult to photograph. Sometimes the lighting is just right to make a photo pop like this one does. But it also depends, of course, on the characteristics of the stone. 

Aquamarine, like many colored gemstones, may vary in quality and visual characteristics depending upon the mine from which it comes – so availability changes over time. 

Of the three photos (the one to the left; the one that it links to; and the one below), the one below of the bridal set is probably the most true representation of aquamarine gemstones currently available.  

However, you need to bear in mind that depending on how your monitor is calibrated, you may not be seeing the truest color. 

We think aquamarine is simply sublime, reminding us of a tropical ocean and a gentle sea breeze.

Enjoy it in an engagement puzzle ring and impress your friends and loved ones with your assembly skill. We offer video puzzle ring instructions on our site, and it’s easy to learn.

If you wish to order this puzzle ring, it’s shown in our store under this link. Or click on the image to the left.





0.70CT Aquamarine Engagement Puzzle Ring with Five-Diamond Shadow Band

The aquamarine at left is the truest representation of aquamarines available today. AAA grade (best) aquamarine is very clear and transparent. The only higher quality is found in a certified gemstone, and those tend to be larger, usually 1CT and higher. This is because certifying gemstones is expensive, and only the larger stones are certified. If you would like us to source a certified gemstone for your ring, please contact us directly. There are usually few certified aquamarines available, but we can search for you.

The aquamarine at left is 0.70CT. We cannot always get this size, but if you wish to order this puzzle ring bridal set, we’ll scale the diamond ring so it’s perfectly proportioned for the aquamarine on your engagement puzzle ring.



Our puzzle rings and bridal sets are individually handmade to your order. The puzzle ring is hand-woven, which means that every loop and curve of the puzzle ring is formed by hand. Then the diamond shadow band is created from an individually hand-carved wax which is custom made to fit to the curves of the puzzle ring. Once cast, the diamonds are set, and the shadow band is meticulously finished by hand to ensure that it fits perfectly with your puzzle ring.

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