Marquise Diamond Engagement Puzzle Ring with Posy Ring Bridal Sets

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Marquise Diamond Engagement Puzzle Ring with Posy Ring Bridal Sets

Our customers love to pair our engagement puzzle rings with posy rings for a unique bridal set exclusive to Crystal Realm. Different companies offer puzzle rings. Other companies offer posy rings. But only Crystal Realm offers bridal sets with puzzle rings and posy rings together.  What makes our bridal sets so unique? First, our puzzle rings are not just any puzzle rings. Each one is custom hand-woven for the very stone shape and size that you select. We use round, marquise, and princess-cut stones to make our styles of puzzle rings. This means you may have any diamond or colored gemstone in a size from 0.33CT or larger on the puzzle ring of your choice. Then our handmade posy rings are matched to the puzzle ring for a bridal set you will find nowhere else.

On this page, we show medium-weight, marquise diamond puzzle rings paired with a very special posy ring. 

One of our most beloved posy rings is the Renaissance reproduction ring: yovrs onli, in 16th C. period English spelling. This posy ring is a reproduction of an original now found in the British Museum. On the outside of this posy ring is a stunning Celtic design that looks gorgeous in every color of gold.

Marquise diamond, four piece puzzle ring with a yovrs onli posy ring in yellow gold

Marquise diamond, four band puzzle ring with a ‘yovrs onli’ English Renaissance reproduction posy ring. The diamond size is 0.46CT, and this ring can hold up to a 0.72CT diamond, as shown below.










Marquise diamond puzzle ring with yovrs onli posy ring in white gold

A 0.72CT, marquise diamond, four band puzzle ring is paired with a yovrs onli posy ring, all in 14K white gold. You may order this set with a diamond size starting at 1/3CT. For a diamond larger than 0.72CT, we will make the puzzle ring just a little heavier, and it will still look beautiful with this posy ring.

All of our posy rings are available with or without antiquing. The antiquing is the slight darkening of the letters or the design elements of a posy ring. Both of the posy rings shown on this page are antiqued. The puzzle rings shown on this page were woven with a standard weave.

See marquise puzzle ring weave choices.

To order either bridal set shown on this page, please call 1-866-573-7381 or contact us by email.

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