Purple Champagne Glasses – Dragon Heart and Dragon Wing Heart Champagne Flutes

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Purple Champagne Glasses – Dragon Heart and Dragon Wing Heart Champagne Flutes

Best-Selling Purple Champagne Glasses: Dragon Heart and Dragon Wing Heart Toasting Glasses

Here are our best selling purple champagne glasses in two styles of dragon heart toasting flutes.  Our pewter artists have been making these purple champagne glasses since 1978, and every year they become more popular. It’s no wonder why! The detail of the dragon sculptures is unsurpassed.

Each pewter base for the champagne glass is created from an original, hand-carved wax sculpture. The sculpture must be finished to perfection – each delicate detail exactly as the artist intends it in the final product. As you can imagine, if there were any problems with the wax sculpture, they would be transferred to the mold and then to the casting, so this is why the original sculpture must be perfected. 

These champagne glasses are made in a remarkable process. Every day when these purple champagne glasses are shipped to our customers, we take for granted how lovely and perfect they are. But their creation has taken many difficult and challenging steps.

Purple toasting glasses with dragon heart stems

Purple champagne glasses with dragon heart stems. These purple champagne glasses form a heart when at rest and are comfortable in your hands when separated. Austrian crystal eyes and baubles among the rocks at the bases bring a touch of sparkle to the drink-safe pewter bases.

Once the sculpture of the dragon base for  these champagne glasses is perfected, a mold will be made. A mold contains an exact “negative” of the sculpture. It is a block of material that has an empty chamber in the shape of the original sculpture. Now wax is poured into the mold. It is swished around until the coating of wax inside the chamber is the correct thickness. Now there is a hollow wax copy of the original sculpture, and it is removed from the mold. This wax is detailed carefully to remove all signs of the parting line where the two halves of the mold came together. The next step is spruing, in which the hollow wax sculpture is attached to a tree-like structure through which the molten metal will flow.

This sprued wax copy is now dipped again and again into a slurry of gravelly material until it coats the hollow wax copy to a thickness of up to one-half inch. This dry shell is now heated in a kiln until it becomes very hard. During this process, the wax runs out. Now the hard shell is placed in sand, with the open end up. Molten metal is poured through the sprues, until the hard shell is completely filled with pewter. It is allowed to cool. Then the hard shell is broken away. Now each pewter dragon heart champagne glass base is finished by hand to remove all traces of casting, a painstaking process involving much detail work. At last, a polished piece emerges. Of course, it takes two of these sculptures to make a pair of these remarkable purple champagne glasses. 

Once cast and finished, the pewter dragon sculptures must be hand-adorned. Now the artist applies Austrian crystals for eyes. The artist also places round Austrian crystals in the rocks at the bases. Finally, the champagne glass itself is hand-applied. Your pair is ready to ship! Enjoy these exceptional purple champagne glasses on  your special day.

purple dragon heart champagne glasses

Purple champagne glasses: Dragon wing heart champagne glasses with amethyst crystal eyes and amethyst crystals in the rocks at each base. They form at heart when at rest on your banquet table, and they are comfortable to hold when separated in your hands.















You will hand these amazing purple champagne glasses down to your children!

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