Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers

Swarovski Austrian crystal suncatchers are the heart and soul of Crystal Realm.  We started our company in 1983 with crystal prisms, and they have only grown in popularity year after year. We carry world-renowned Swarovski Austrian Crystal prisms, each with a 32% lead content for the greatest sparkle and shine – technically, the highest refractory index. Each of our crystals is offered here on a Swarovski crystal (diamond-shaped beads) and beaded glass (seed beads and long beads ) hanger, in your choice of color or in the color we select to complement your crystal beautifully.

Dec. 2020 Update: Swarovski has announced that they will discontinue all production of the crystal prisms and beads we carry. This is like an earthquake in the lives of many people we know whose entire business is built on Swarovski crystals. We are fortunate to have expanded our business in several other directions, so our business is on solid footing. We have a deep stock of most of the prisms that we make into our suncatchers. At this moment, our plan is to continue to invest in Swarovski crystal prisms and beads until there are none left in the pipeline.

Oh, and our fabulous bead stringers of 30 years, Jan and Maureen, retired this year, so at this moment, Mandira is making bead hangers to order and is redesigning some of the suncatcher bead strands to be even more beautiful than they have been in the past. As a result of all of these changes, and due to the fact that we haven’t raised any of our suncatcher prices in about 30 years, AND we haven’t had to purchase new beads in about 20 years (since we invested so heavily when we had stores in California until 2005), we are beginning a process of judiciously raising prices of our suncatchers. As new beads come in at today’s prices, we will have to continue to make price adjustments. As always, we continue to offer the most well-resolved and sophisticated suncatcher designs that we know of anywhere. So please do think about what you would like to add to your collection and bear in mind that at a certain point, we will have to discontinue certain designs.