Who We Are

Crystal Realm is a labor of love by Tom and Mandira Feldvebel, co-founders of the company.

In business since 1983, and after almost two decades of brick and mortar stores in California, we have been online since 1996 and entirely web-based here in New Mexico (yes, it’s a U.S. state!) since 2005.

Why Crystal Realm? We started our business in 1983 with legendary Swarovski Austrian crystals, and the name stuck. Over the years, we expanded into natural crystals and semi-precious stones. From there, it was a small step to begin to work with precious stones and precious metals. 

In 2004, we began an informal partnership with our brilliant puzzle ring maker, who trained Mandira on diamonds, fine gems, and precious metals. As we began to offer them on our site, our customers made it clear that this was to be our main focus.

When you think about it, every diamond and gemstone in the world has a crystalline structure to it – it’s just that some – think diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies – are very rare and are considered to be more valuable than other forms of crystal.

So welcome to our realm – a place where you may find unique, artisan-crafted rings of beauty and rarity!

Our primary focus is Celtic-inspired, hand-woven, puzzle engagement rings and wedding bands – poesy rings, Celtic wedding bands, and what we call shadow bands that are hand-fit to the puzzle ring perfectly.

Thus we offer bridal sets exclusive to Crystal Realm. Our bridal sets are made to order – each one unique, so you can have exactly what you want – the diamond or colored gemstone, the stone shape, the precious metal(s), the optional accent stones and the also optional wedding ring – whether an eternity band (uniform width) or a shadow band custom fit to your engagement ring.

And because you let us know it is important to you, we carry other unique jewelry and gift items, so you can provide your loved ones with Crystal Realm gifts for special occasions or anytime!

So while we now focus on providing you with the most exquisite, artisan-crafted bridal sets, wedding and engagement rings, we also offer toasting flutes and chalices for your wedding and wedding reception.

We are the only provider of dragon heart, grapevine heart, and Celtic heart champagne glasses and toasting flutes that ships worldwide. The level of customer service that we provide is personal and meaningful – one human being relating to another to find you what best suits your needs. We welcome your phone calls and emails any time.

We’re glad you’ve come to visit us, and we hope you enjoy your stay!