Austrian Crystal, Sapphire AB Faceted Ball Suncatcher – 5/8″ (20mm) Prism on 6.5″ Beaded Hanger


Austrian Crystal, Sapphire AB Faceted Ball Suncatcher – 5/8″ (20mm) Prism on 6.5″ Beaded Hanger


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Item # AS20-8550-8594

Here is our most popular prism; a great shape and a winning cut! This gives the most rainbows for its size, because of its 220 facets. That’s new – up from the previous 118 facets. The more cuts a crystal prism has, the more rainbows you will see when you hang it in a sunny window.

Our exclusive, Crystal Realm suncatchers are made with the finest, world-renowned, Austrian, high-refractory-index crystal prisms and beaded hangers designed in a variety of beading patterns using crystal beads and glass seed beads. A few of our hangers also include inch-long glass bugle beads.

We will hand-string a blue-themed beaded hanger that complements your Austrian crystal beautifully. Finally, we will assemble the suncatcher and gift-box it.

Note that the distance between two long lines on our scale represents 5mm (6.4mm = .25 in.).  Allow five working days for your crystal suncatcher to ship from our private studio in New Mexico, USA.

What is AB – otherwise known as an Aurora Borealis coating – on a crystal prism?

Austrian crystals, made by Swarovski, are colored in various ways, using different metal oxides. A crystal that is perfectly clear but colored has metal oxides mixed in with the lead and silica when the crystal is created. Examples of metal oxides are gold for red, cobalt for blue, or nickel for light green, violet, or blue. Our sapphire or red hearts or stars are examples. 

Very often, a clear or colored crystal is further treated by adding a subtle, extremely fine, colored coating to the crystal. This results from a vacuum process in which the metal oxides are applied to a surface of the crystal, usually the back, or in the case of round prisms, on one portion of them.

A lightly, pastel-colored coating is known as Aurora Borealis, or AB for short. The result is a gorgeous crystal with extra color, sparkle and shine. 

In suncatchers, colored crystals will give the same rainbow display that clear crystals give when in the direct sun. Add the AB coating to a clear or colored crystal and the color display will be even more riotous: rainbows and solid swatches of mauve, aqua, orange.


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