Your Marquise Puzzle Ring Style and Weave

Choose the weave for your marquise, four band, puzzle ring. Whether you select a diamond or a colored gemstone, you may select from a tight, standard, or open weave for your puzzle ring. The weave and the size of your stone will determine how wide the puzzle ring will be at center front. Since each puzzle ring is woven for the very stone it will bear, the ring will always be correctly proportioned for your stone.

The weave you choose is also relevant to the kind of wedding band you wish to wear with it. We show a few examples on this page, so that you can get a sense of what kind of wedding band you may ultimately wish to order, even if you are not ready to take that step. Many people start with the puzzle ring and order the wedding band a little further down the road when the wedding is in sight.

We prefer to deliver a puzzle ring before we deliver the wedding ring.  This way you can propose, make sure she loves the ring, and also make sure it fits. If it doesn’t fit, then we’ll resize it. Then whenever you are ready, we’ll make and ship the wedding band in the matching size. If the wedding ring will be a shadow band, then we do need to pick up the puzzle ring and keep it while we make the shadow band. So whenever she can part with the puzzle ring, we’ll pick it up via FedEx, and then we custom fit the shadow band to the puzzle ring. This makes for a totally unique bridal set that is unavailable anywhere else!

Four band marquise diamond puzzle ring with tight weave

A tightly woven, marquise diamond, four band puzzle engagement ring. A tightly woven ring is often worn with an eternity band, which, contrary to popular belief, does not mean a ring with diamonds all around it. It means a wedding band that has a uniform width all the way around – like most wedding bands. Right now we don’t show a tight weave on our site, but you can request it, if you wish!

Marquise four piece puzzle ring with one third carat diamond and standard weave in 14k rose gold

A marquise diamond, four-band puzzle ring in 14k rose gold shown with a one third carat diamond. This ring has a standard weave – do you see that the loops in the front are a bit more open than the loops in the tightly woven ring that precedes this image?

Marquise diamond four band puzzle ring with Celtic claddagh band

A marquise diamond puzzle ring with an Irish Celtic claddagh band. Here you can see a standard weave puzzle ring with an eternity band – a ring with a uniform width all the way around. This claddagh band is 4.2mm wide.

four band puzzle engagement ring with a marquise diamond

A marquise engagement ring features a four band puzzle ring with an open weave in 14K yellow gold with the center diamond size of your choice. See how much wider at center front a puzzle ring with an open weave is? Some women feel this is all the ring they need, and they forego a wedding ring altogether. Still more want a shadow band custom fit to their puzzle ring, as shown in the next images.

Four band puzzle ring with marquise aquamarine paired with a 5-diamond shadow band

A marquise aquamarine four band puzzle ring with a five-diamond shadow band. The aquamarine is 0.70CT, and the total carat weight of the diamonds is 0.50CT. You can see how a shadow band goes very well with an open-weave puzzle ring.