Engagement Puzzle Ring Bridal Sets

We love to help you create a custom puzzle ring bridal set you will adore, and we will work with you from the first idea to the finished set. You may choose an engagement puzzle ring you discover on our website and then contact us to create a wedding ring that will make your bridal set resplendently unique. You may approach us with an idea for an engagement puzzle ring idea that you have, and we will collaborate with you to turn your idea into stunning reality. We will make your engagement puzzle ring with the number of bands you want, the stone size and shape (round, princess-cut or marquise), and the color or colors of gold, palladium, or platinum. We will custom hand-weave your engagement puzzle ring to suit your taste and the stone or stones you select. Then we will pair it with the posy ring, Celtic ring, or shadow band of your choice. If you select a custom wedding ring, we will make it from a hand-carved wax guaranteed to make your wedding ring and puzzle ring bridal set a true, one-off original.

Our engagement puzzle rings are genuine, working puzzle rings. No matter the center stone shape or size and even with side stones, you will enjoy learning to take apart and assemble your puzzle ring. When you remove your puzzle ring, it will likely come apart only if you wish it to, providing you handle it with care. But once on your hand, your puzzle ring will hold together perfectly.

We are passionate about creating symbols of your love in diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals – handwoven and handcrafted, and just for you by our experienced jewelry artisans. We look forward to hearing from you!